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When it comes to volunteering there are so many options available. Rather than commit to a good cause straight away, look at the possibilities, see if you can do a taster session, and then decide if it is the thing for you.

Think of something you used to love doing and see whether there is a version that works for your stage in life. For example you may have loved football but your knees are not quite what they used to be – well, walking football may be worth considering.

A dog can be a dear friend and a great health coach. A study, by Sandra McCunn, has showed that dog owners seem to control their blood pressure when stressed and other research has shown that 67% of dog walkers achieve greater than 150 minutes physical activity per week. And of course a dog
walker tends to meet other dog walkers – the mental health benefits are considerable too.

If technology is not your forte look to invest some time in to learning how you could use it effectively. You might not be able to be with friends or family but you should be able to see and talk to them.

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“Loneliness is not lack of company, loneliness is lack of purpose.”
Guillermo Maldonado

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