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People often focus exclusively on what has happened rather than the feelings that surround an event. Try and become more mindful of the adjectives and adverbs that provide the description. These are the words that provide you with a greater insight to how life is going and allow you to adapt accordingly.

Self-gratitude is a key component of self-compassion. To help you become better at recognising the good in your life a self-gratitude diary can be a useful tool. Everyday jot down the things, small or big, that are putting a smile on your face.

This does not mean networking in the conventional way; it means creating a trusted network of people who you relate to, who can be your sounding board, who you can talk to in an open manner – they help you be kind to you.

Take on board an attitude of trying to be a bit better a bit more often rather than aiming to be perfect. Perfect is impossible – by aiming for it, you are simply setting yourself up for failure.

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Life can be challenging and rarely will we go through a week unscathed.  Sometimes the damage is superficial, merely a scratch on our skin; occasionally, if a bone

“If your compassion does not include yourself then you are incomplete”

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