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Many phones and electronic devices have a blue light filter on them, but that does not always mean all blue light is eradicated.  Blue light will cause the release of dopamine, a hormone that makes us alert, so it is not ideal for good quality sleep.  Try and avoid your phone, iPad or computer for at least 30 minutes before sleep time.

To boost your energy and alertness the ideal time for a ‘power nap’ is around 20-25 minutes. Sleeping for longer can increase the risk of falling into the deepest part of a sleep cycle – delta sleep. Waking up in the middle of delta sleep is where a nap leaves you feeling groggy and lethargic.

Being hungry is not a recipe for good quality sleep.  Think about the behaviour of a baby that is hungry – it wakes and lets the world know about it.  Whilst an adult might not scream and shout, it is unlikely they will sleep effectively either.

Getting good quality is both a skill and a habit. Try and create the same routine around bedtime and wake up time and you may find that this will result in more effective and efficient sleep.

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“Everything you do you’ll do better with a good nights sleep”
Arianna Huffingtom

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