This month we are focusing on nutrition. I often use the phrase ‘food can be your friend or your foe’ and this is true not just for your physical health but also your brain power. In this month’s film Serena Sabala, owner of Whole Shift Wellness, talks about how our diet can impact our mental ability. Too often people forget about the fluids that are also part of our diet, so in the blog we have focused on water, caffeine and alcohol. The underlying message is stay hydrated and be aware of the impact that caffeine and alcohol has.

Whilst on the topic of water, if you look at the Dates for the Diary section, you will see that 20th March is World Water Day. This day highlights many of the ways in which we waste so much water. One of the underlying principles of The Festival of Us is to provide a platform to celebrate both people and planet, maybe, when it comes to H2O there is a win, win scenario to consider!

Have a good month and Enjoy The Festival!