I don’t know about you but, over the past month, I have found that my mind has flitted from fear and sadness to pride and enthusiasm in the blink of an eyelid. As Covid-19 has often cast a spell of uncertainty, the actions of human beings have lifted the cloud and shifted my mind from negative to positive. The heroic efforts of key workers ranging from healthcare professionals and those who support them, the supermarkets that are keeping order as we socially distance in the queues for our weekly shop, to the refuse collectors, the postmen and women and the delivery drivers – thank you.

We have also seen a tidal wave of social giving, from the charitable efforts of Captain Tom to those who have simply made the effort to do the shopping for an elderly neighbour. There has been a torrent of community care – I hope that these acts of human generosity will become a foundation for ‘the festival of the future’.

This month we continue to consider the process of resilience and are looking at the topic of ‘Reset’. As human beings, we are not great at ensuring that we reset physically, nutritionally, intellectually or emotionally, so read the blog to understand how we can learn from a Formula 1 car; watch the film, featuring Adrian Kirk from MTW Training, to find out more about the power of breathing and take a look at the additional resources that may be relevant to you.

As always, the suggestions are purely suggestions. You should always check with a professional before adopting a new strategy around diet, exercise or any other lifestyle choice.

Stay well, stay safe, stay strong and stay together.