The past three months have been a test for all. Those on the frontline have been stretched, those furloughed have been left in the realms of uncertainty and those who have lost their jobs may be faced with a social and financial void.

As the UK starts to come out of the hibernation of lockdown, different people will need to consider where their priority lies; many will need to recharge, others will be returning to work, and there will be some who will be in a place of realignment. Everyone is having to get used to a new modus operandi and I just hope the spirit of community, that has been so evident over the past three months, stays at the forefront of minds.

Wherever you are, tackling the demands of day to day life with a positive mindset will help and this is the theme we are focusing on in July. In our film James Cook from Next Level Coaching & Performance shares some thoughts on this topic and the blog looks at how boredom can stimulate the creative mind – if that seems counterintuitive then do take a read!

Stay well, stay safe, stay strong and stay together.