I hope you are starting to enjoy a little bit of freedom. With shops open for business, some recreational sport up and running and the possibility of meeting a work colleague for a strategic ‘walk and talk’, human interaction, beyond the confines of your four walls, is starting to return.

There is still a long way to go, and talking to many of my clients there seems to be a general view that we have reached half-time. The first half has been fast and furious as people and businesses have had to adapt at speed – it has been harem scarem stuff! The result is that adrenaline and cortisol levels are likely to have risen, helpful in times of challenge, but not something that is great for health. For many, half-time, has not come a moment too soon as it is time to pause and recharge the batteries.

Whilst none of us know what lies ahead, I hope that the second half of this tussle we are having with Covid will be played at a tempo that allows people to think strategically and be creative – two of the cerebral functions that may well have been put to one side as we have ‘knee-jerked’ our way through the past three months. Businesses have responded well in providing people with functional support – it is now a time to think of the emotional.

I am grateful to Joanna Shurety for this month’s film that looks at ‘Loneliness’. This has been a challenge for many during lockdown, but as communities reopen, hopefully it is a time to increase your social connectivity.

Stay well, stay safe, stay strong and stay together.